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We meet all your grooming needs

Leave your pet with us Keep your dog active Breed-specific grooming Wash your pup yourself

Pamper your pooch with a grooming package or a pet-centered daycare

If you feel more comfortable washing your dog on your own, Hand-N-Paw has self-wash stations complete with dryer, towels, and grooming utensils for a complete DIY experience.

Wash your pup yourself

Self-Wash Stations

Whether you have a St. Bernard that needs his nails trimmed or a Shih Tzu that needs a haircut, Hand-N-Paw has the services you need for your fur baby. Make your appointment today!

Breed-specific grooming

When you have errands to run, an appointment to go to, or meetings to attend, make a playdate for your pup at Hand-N-Paw for an hour, or a day. They'll have a great time!

Keep your dog active

If a vacation is in the future or you have an out-of-town emergency, contact Hand-N-Paw for overnight boarding. All dogs get plenty of love and exercise daily!

Leave your pet with us

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